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Please click below to learn more about my personal path to finding a life filled with peace, bliss & love, and how this journey inspired me to take Yoga Express Detroit from idea to reality!








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At Yoga Express Detroit our mission is to lovingly guide students to find balance between too much and not enough, to go deeper, to explore and push past their limits. The whole goal of the practice is to learn to trust yourself.


You know exactly what you need. It is up to you to open your mind and begin to notice how you feel. When we choose to keep moving forward, remembering to breathe when things get tough, we learn that we are stronger than we think.


We learn that we can do hard things and

that life is beautiful and we are all more than enough!

Get rid of that inner critic and trust that you are guided and held.

That only love is real.  

"Practice what you teach

and teach what you practice." 

-Larry Schultz, Founder of It's Yoga® & Creator of The Rocket®

"I started doing yoga under the guidance and direction of Carmie twice a week about a year ago.  I’ve come a long way in that time and have realized a number of benefits including increased flexibility, calmness, core strength and a general improvement in my overall health.  I am 64 years old and yoga has helped me a great deal.  Because of that, I plan to continue making a part of my fitness regimen.


Carmie is an amazing, upbeat yoga instructor!"

Kevin M.

Carmie makes yoga accessible for everyone – no matter your skill level. 

It’s a wonderful perk to have at work and her wonderful personality is an added perk. 

I look forward to our Tuesday and Thursday sessions –

it helps me relax, feel more zen, and has greatly helped my


"I just wanted to thank you for coming to us here at PVS! I had done a little yoga in the past but had not dedicated myself to it until you came along. I’m practicing a couple days with you and a couple days at home. I’m relaxed and my blood pressure is way down. It has helped with my quitting smoking and my general mental health. I feel great and am enjoying this so much.  Thank you for your patience, taking time to explain the moves and the meaning, and your ability to laugh with the rest of us!"

Wendy D.


Rebecca K.

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