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My winding path to wholeness...

Some time ago I found myself in a space where I had everything I always wanted, a beautiful home, kind husband, healthy children, safe neighborhood…but I was miserable. I knew that something needed to change. That something was me.

I went on a mission to find myself, discover my purpose in life, heal the parts of my heart that were still broken. The choice was mine. I could choose to be happy, or I could choose not to be. Sounds simple I know. But it really all boiled down to this wildly simple choice. We have the power to choose in each and every moment of our lives how we want to show up.

I was willing to see things differently. To take accountability for the ways I was showing up in my life and make a change. I decided to do the work, which meant letting go of what was no longer working for me and learning to keep what was. Little by little I collected actionable tools that helped me settle my mind, feel good in my body, and raise my conscious awareness.

I began to change. At times it felt lonely and isolating. The fact is, It can be difficult to let go of old habits and patterns. But as I did I started to get clear about what I wanted. And what I wanted was to create a life that was filled with love, laughter, contentment, joy, gratitude, peace, and fulfillment.

Helping people feel good inside and out makes my heart happy. I harnessed the tools I needed not only for myself but to share and connect with others through the practice of yoga, meditation, movement, and wellness coaching. It has helped me to build a career that is made up of all the things I love doing!

I am the creator of my life and I am capable of creating the life I truly desire.

This work requires action. And as I took action, changes began taking place.
I was healing my relationship with myself and those close to me.  

I've learned that I can show up for others in my community, to lovingly guide them through this coaching practice so they can experience the balance, peace and transformation that comes from creating a life by design. My hope is to share this with you. 



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